MICTClean – Our Anti-Spam Services


MICTCLEAN is a business anti-spam gateway installed between your mail infrastructure and the Internet. It offers professional protection against viruses and eliminates up to 80% of spam.

Anti-Spam Software gives defence against spam, phishing emails and virus-infected attachment.

While email is vital for any business, it can also prevent your company from exposure to countless risks. Infected attachments and phishing emails arrive in employee’s inboxes on a minute-by-minute basis, and with 7 out of 10 mails received today being spam related, this is a situation that threatens to overwhelm companies that do not have an effective mail filter in place. This is where MICTclean can help, by stopping the malware before it even has the chance to reach your employees’ inboxes. Without effective protection in place for your business, it’s only a matter of time before any given network becomes infected. The sheer number of messages containing malicious attachments and phishing links make it statistically likely that a company will be hit by a spam-related threat at some point in its existence. MICTs spam filter server also ensures that 80% of unwanted messages are blocked, analysing each message carefully so that you only receive those that are important and offer something to your business’ growth. If a harmful file is detected, MICTclean will automatically send it to a quarantined zone where it cannot cause any more damage to your company in the future.

Flexible Anti-Spam Services

We are proud to offer a package that can be suitable for small companies as well as large corporations. Our spam filtering service is easily configured by changing your DNS with your online internet provider. After this, all of your webmail will then be filtered through our effective servers which send all unwanted messages and viruses to the quarantine folder. MICTclean is also perfect for any ISP as it works over a variety of domains with different spam filtering rules. Each server gateway can also handle large volumes of traffic. MICTclean features a centralised, management service which makes it easy to set up and control spam filtering on networks of any size. Quickly adding users and domains, configuring mail blacklists and whitelists, managing quarantined emails and configuring multiple users groups and permissions.

The deviation of email destined for your mail server toward the MICTclean server is accomplished by changing the MX record of your domain. The MX record is the element that tells the other mail servers in the world where to forward mail when it is sent to somebody@yourdomain.com. Once your email is filtered by MICTclean, it is redistributed to your mail servers as if the mail arrived there directly. The advantage to this system is the simplicity of installation and data flow. There are no changes to be made to the configuration of your mail server, or the configuration of your e-mail program. One simple change by your MICT Technician and MICTclean is ready to relieve your inbox of the strains of spam.

A More Secure Option

MICTclean is certainly a recommended solution for any company. From small sole traders to large corporations, our anti-spam solution provides the best enterprise protection available in the market today.

MICTclean was designed from the ground up to handle large volumes of spam, backscatter and other unwanted email. It does not need to provide all the user-friendly bells and whistles required of email servers and that is its best trait. MICTclean needs to do just one thing and that is to protect your business from malicious viruses, and do it efficiently enough so that your mail server doesn’t even feel any repercussions.


Keeping it simple, how does it work?

MICTclean uses the MX records in your domain DNS to direct mail traffic through our anti-spam servers first. This ensures that spam and virus-laden emails are intercepted and filtered out before they reach the inboxes of your staff members. Messages that are clean or whitelisted are passed to your mail server from where they are sent to your users as usual. Messages flagged as spam are redirected to a central quarantined mailbox for admins to review and release as they deem suitable.

NOTE: All emails are delivered to your mail server MICTclean does not delete or stop any emails coming through.

Do emails stay private?

Yes. Emails that have been quarantined can only be read by the intended recipient or designated folder administrator.

Can I control which emails are released from quarantine or are whitelisted /blacklisted?

Yes you can control the flow of your e-mails. MICTclean allows administrators to release mail from quarantine and to specify whitelisted/blacklisted domains. Administrators can specify whether end-users have the right to release mail and they can also specify which e-mails fall under either whitelists or blacklists. Users that do not have these permissions need to make requests to mail the administrators to perform these actions.

What kind of redundancy is there in your solution?

If your mail server or its internet connection should go down, our service will cache and retry your messages for as many days as you have configured the settings for each domain (note: the default setting is 4 days).

Can I restrict attachments on incoming messages before they hit my server?

Yes. You can restrict the maximum size of an email; you are also able to restrict the types of attachments that are permitted and which domain the emails come from. You can also blacklist any particular type of emails that you wish.

How much will it cost?

MICT has a sliding scale for pricing, and we are happy to discuss pricing on an individual basis to best suit your company. But for an estimated price, MICT charges £0.85 for each mailbox per month.

Please contact us today. Our staff will be happy to discuss how our appliance can act as the email firewall that you require. De-cluttering your inbox is now easier than ever before.