Pay As You Go

Our Pay As You Go option is suitable if you prefer an “on-demand” IT support service: paying for support only when you need it.

You can access MICT’s full range of IT support services through Pay As You Go. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our services are underpinned by the highest industry standards.


  • Support on demand: guaranteed response within 4 hours
  • Service covers normal office hours; 24/7 service available by prior arrangement
  • No obligation or contract
  • Flat hourly rate: pay as you go or buy hours in bulk
  • Hours broken down into 20 minute slots: unused minutes banked for future use


  • Safety net for your in-house IT service
  • Access to skilled IT technicians when you need them
  • No monthly contract

Contact us for a no-obligation chat to see how our Pay As You Go option could work for you.

For a more proactive approach to your IT, explore our PROACT support option.